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Television Advertisement

When you plan and buy your TV advertising media with us, we can target specific audiences with your brand through regional focus and strategic channel selection.Your marketing results can be improved and optimised across both online and conventional platforms – from ‘Call us now!’ style Direct Response Television (DRTV) to a tactically-timed breakfast cereal campaign (remember the Weetabix Challenge?) to having your brand as the sponsor for a particular show, we can transmit you across any format you Watching traditional set-top televisions is still the preferred way for viewers to tune-in. On average we watch around 4-5 hours of TV per day in the India , and the tech savvy viewers and those moving away from traditional viewing can be found watching digital and online TV. When you advertise your brand on TV, you tap directly into the immersive and emotional viewing experience that is shared by all TV viewers. We can deliver your campaign to the right audience on the right channel and build your brand fame and loyalty on a massive scale with huge reach.desire.